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Respite is a break for caregivers and families. Respite is a service in which temporary care is provided to children or adults with developmental disabilities. Respite can occur in the community, in the member’s home, or in a certified respite home, depending on the needs of the family and number of hours assigned by DDD. Most often respite care takes place in the families own home where professional care-givers provide an opportunity for parents or guardians to have some time for themself –to shop, to attend an appointment, or to spend time with other children or a spouse. Respite can sometimes feel like a mini vacation for the guardian that allows them time to rejuvenate and refresh themselves so that they may return to their families with a brighter outlook. CDE has 8 respite homes, located in Florence, Maricopa, Nogales and San Tan Valley, if you need an extended amount of time away. Caregivers can arrange with CDE administration and their support coordinators for coverage during vacations or just an overnight stay on the weekend.

Attendant Care

Attendant Care is assisting the member with activities of daily living. The provider helps the member maintain safe and healthy living conditions. This service can occur in the individual’s home or in the community. Duties of attendant care are identified in the PCSP and may include light house work, shopping, cooking, toileting, bathing, laundry, transferring to or from wheelchair, dressing, etc.


Includes transportation to and from center bases, programs, and provides transportation during outings affiliated with center based programs.

CDE Monarch Youth Program

DTT – Youth Afterschool Program (School age 16 and under)
DTS – Youth Summer Program (School age 16 and under)

Youth Day Treatment and Training – This service provides training, supervision, and activities appropriate for youth under the age of 17. CDE’s Monarch Youth Program encourages integration between  children with and without developmental disabilities, by creating an environment where everyone is comfortable. Program highlights include skill development, field trips, arts and crafts, socialization, and much more . This service is primarily offered in a community or center based setting.

Individual Design Living Arrangement

IDLA services are typically assigned to adult members who live in the community independently. The provider assist the member in being able to continue to remain independent by assisting with cooking, cleaning, laundry, transportation, scheduling of appointments, budgeting, etc.



Habilitation is teaching the member new developmental skills, which are predetermined by the PCSP team. Habilitation is typically considered a teaching service, and may be provided in the member’s home or in the community. Examples of habilitation goals may be; brushing teeth, dressing, potty training, social skills (for example, getting along with siblings), safety around the house and outside, learning how to cook, etc. These skills are taught in steps to establish more independence and confidence within our members.


DTA – Adult Day Program (Ages 16 and up)

Day Treatment and Training – This service provides training, supervision, and activities as appropriate for the member, as well as promotes skill development. This service is primarily offered in a community or center based setting. The service is intended to help members learn safety skills and socialization, by having members engage in interactive groups. Highlights of this program include onsite skill building classes, such as physical and mental health awareness, safety skills awareness, and computer class.

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