About CDE

CDE is a company designed to service individuals with developmental disabilities. Although the company name implies that we focus on children, we do much more. We offer Habilitation, Respite, Attendant Care and Individual Design Living Arrangement (IDLA) services to individuals of all ages. CDE is contracted to provide services across the state of Arizona. CDE upholds a quality image of providing excellent service, with care and compassion. CDE's goal is to establish long term relationships between our members and staff. CDE will meet all of their members needs with dignity and respect. Everyone affiliated with CDE upholds high morals and standards, because to us this is so much more than just a job. We all have personal and/or professional experience with disabled individuals, so at CDE we take our line of work very seriously. CDE's most important factor is quality of service

CDE makes a point to do group outings into the community on a regular basis. Past trips include the Fire House, local parks, Amazing Jakes, Water Parks, the Phoenix Zoo, the State Fair, McDonalds Field Trip, the Ostrich Farm, the Circus, Casa Grande National Ruins, and Sensory Friendly Movies. Individuals can go on these outings with their provider only, or guardians and siblings are welcome to attend as well. The more the merrier! On top of our Group Outings, CDE also offers an opportunity for our members ages 14-23 to get together in our "Teen Fun Fellowship Group." In this group teens can hang out at kickbacks, go to the movies or attend our annual camping trip and interact with friends their own age. Our adult consumers, ages 45 and up, can join the "Adult Sociables," to interact on a more adult level and at a slower pace. Members of this group can enjoy outings to various restaurants and buffets, bowling, or going to the movies.

CDE services apply to anyone receiving DDD hours, with no out of pocket cost to the families or caregivers. If you are not currently receiving DDD hours, but feel you may be eligible for hours, please contact CDE for more information.

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